Kazzuma Creations

Online Store

Kazzuma Creations, LLC

Kazzuma Creations, LLC has a swag store! We sell things like:

  • 3D printed and/or handcrafted items for tabletop games – including tokens, miniatures, and terrain
  • Handmade and digital artwork designed by us
  • Anything else that we think is really neat!


Fantasy RPG

rahviose fantasy rpg tabletop game

We have always been interested in tabletop games. They can help create long lasting friendships, spark creativity, and provide hours (and in our case, years) of entertainment.

When we started Rahviose, we were going to make a Discord-based RPG bot. Over time however, we’ve decided that it shouldn’t be limited to just that. So we’re excited to say that as we write and create, it will be made into a full blown tabletop role playing game!

As we have more updates on our progress, they will be posted on our Rahviose patreon, as well as our articles section.

In the meantime, if you want to help breathe some life into this project, feel free to become a Patron for special perks once it is released!